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Couch Potato

Sale priceRs. 32,500.00
SKU: FO85506




Art that makes you smile!


  • Hand-made, hand-painted sculptures created with resin and sandstone
  • A limited-edition figurine accompanied with a certificate of authenticity


The details make it a truly unique and handcrafted figurine. Every colour, every nuance is inspired by real people and real passions.

Here, pay attention to the home slippers, fallen fries, look of satisfaction…. We’ll let you discover the rest.


As a gift

When: Birthday Gift, Anniversary gift, housewarming gift, Thank you gift

Who: Gift for a food lover, gift for a person who loves television,


As décor:

Where: Add a charm to your den decor, living room decor, bedroom decor, or office cabin decor.

Placement: High table or shelf


Safe and secure packaging, we guarantee delivery in prime condition.

Couch Potato - Designer Studio - Design
Couch Potato Sale priceRs. 32,500.00