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Contemporary Sculpture




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Memories - Designer Studio - Home décor
Memories Sale priceRs. 20,500.00
Pause (with stand) - Designer Studio - housewarming gifts
Pause (with stand) Sale priceRs. 20,500.00
Dreaming with Mom - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Dreaming with Mom Sale priceRs. 25,000.00
A New Bond - Designer Studio - Home décor
A New Bond Sale priceRs. 22,800.00
Reloj Horizante - Designer Studio - Sculpture
Reloj Horizante Sale priceRs. 25,500.00
COMMITMENT - housewarming gifts
COMMITMENT Sale priceRs. 24,500.00
Sold outPrecious Time - Designer Studio - artefacts for décor
Precious Time Sale priceRs. 24,600.00
Echo - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Echo Sale priceRs. 26,500.00
Sold outAn Ode To Music - Designer Studio - Home décor
An Ode To Music Sale priceRs. 27,100.00
Forever - Designer Studio - Home décor
Forever Sale priceRs. 26,200.00
Sold outConfluence - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Confluence Sale priceRs. 26,500.00
Gambal Clock - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Gambal Clock Sale priceRs. 29,000.00
Sold outFulfillment
Fulfillment Sale priceRs. 25,700.00
Sold outLady of Justice - Designer Studio - housewarming gifts
Lady of Justice Sale priceRs. 26,000.00
Supportive Hands
Supportive Hands Sale priceRs. 25,500.00
Sold outStrength in Togetherness - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Strength in Togetherness Sale priceRs. 27,500.00
Copper Horse - Designer Studio - wedding giftsCopper Horse - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Copper Horse Sale priceRs. 17,500.00
Pause In Copper - Home décorPause In Copper - Home décor
Pause In Copper Sale priceRs. 19,000.00
HOLDING TIME - Decor objects
HOLDING TIME Sale priceRs. 32,600.00
Sold outEllipse
Ellipse Sale priceRs. 30,500.00
Sold outIn My Hands
In My Hands Sale priceRs. 27,700.00
Sold outChampion
Champion Sale priceRs. 21,300.00
Sold outNurturing Growth - Designer Studio - artefacts for décor
Nurturing Growth Sale priceRs. 29,700.00
Sold outGift of Time - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Gift of Time Sale priceRs. 27,600.00
Sold outConnection - Designer Studio - Home décor
Connection Sale priceRs. 31,500.00
Sold outEquilibrium - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Equilibrium Sale priceRs. 34,000.00
Sold outTogether, no chains can hold us - Designer Studio - Home décor
Together, no chains can hold us Sale priceRs. 39,000.00
Sold outEagle
Eagle Sale priceRs. 40,500.00
Sold outCopper American Bull - Designer Studio - housewarming gifts
Copper American Bull Sale priceRs. 13,300.00
Sold outSpirited HorseSpirited Horse
Spirited Horse Sale priceRs. 14,000.00
Sold outKlimt's Kiss
Klimt's Kiss Sale priceRs. 17,600.00
Sold outPause - Designer Studio - wedding giftsPause - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Pause Sale priceRs. 19,000.00
Sold outDon Quixote - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
Don Quixote Sale priceRs. 20,500.00
Sold outElastic - Decor objects
Elastic Sale priceRs. 21,780.00
Sold outWorld In Your Hands - Designer Studio - wedding gifts
World In Your Hands Sale priceRs. 26,500.00
Sold outWorks Allegory
Works Allegory Sale priceRs. 26,500.00
Sold outBalance of time - Designer Studio - Home décor
Balance of time Sale priceRs. 28,500.00



My dad loved the Forchino sculpture I gave him. He says he will keep it forever. Thanks Mould

Mr.Dinesh Pathak

I was very impressed with the quality of what I bought and also your service. Keep it up.

Mrs.Manali Kamani

Your collections are great for gifting. I gave some to my friends and family. They really liked them.

Mrs.Jasmin Khan

The Forchino collection is really great. I love the detailing. High priced, but worth it.
Let me know when you have any sale.

Mrs.Shabdita Deedwania

I bought the National Geographic puzzles for my kids. They enjoy making the puzzles with me.

Mrs.Babita Chauhan